Colex/Fotoba Introduces New Fully Automatic X/Y Cutting System

Colex/Fotoba has introduced the new fully automatic X/Y Cutting system, demonstrating the three-part roll-to-pallet cutting solution including the new Motorized Heavy Duty Roll Feeder, Fotoba XLD-170 Cutter, and X/Y Exit Table with Stacking Carts for easy transport.

The Motorized Heavy Duty Roll Feeder can handle automation and speed for heavy printed rolls and fast sheeting of unprinted rolls.

The Dreamcut XLD -170 is the most versatile of the Fotoba line of cutters, designed to work with rolls up to 67-inches wide and 35-mil thick media. The XLD-170 offers self-squaring to the edge of the image and automatic tracking to the image edge.

The X/Y Exit Table with Stacking Cart receives prints and sheets after cutting and pushes them onto the stacking carts with wheels for easy transport and ready to deliver to the end customer.

This X/Y automatic cutting system offers fast cutting of printed rolls up to twenty-four-inch diameter and fast cutting of unprinted rolls up to twenty-four-inch diameter at an extremely high speed. This system can handle the cutting of the new super-fast printers that are on the market with minimum human intervention allowing a shop to deliver the finished job to the end customer.

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