Digital Signage Gets Coded

StrandvisionStrandVision Digital Signage has integrated Quick Response codes into its digital signage offering by incorporating a QR code-generation tool into its online software administration console. 

To add the capability, subscribers make their selection and the QR code is automatically generated and added to the page that is viewed by the public. Viewers can then scan the QR code with their mobile smart phone and interact with the StrandVision subscriber’s digital signage network by visiting Web sites, sending text messages or emails, or receiving coupons. The QR codes allow StrandVision subscribers to receive additional feedback and sales opportunities.

“As soon as I saw the more than ten-year-old QR codes evolve to be decoded by smart phones, I realized their potential as a digital signage application to give immediate and direct response to our customers’ digital signage promotions,” said CEO Mike Strand. “We revised some old code to work with our Web-based console so our customers can add them as easily as adding text or a picture. Best of all, the new capability is included as a free digital signage software add-on to all subscribers.”

Typical ways that StrandVision subscribers can add QR codes include creating links from their company information, mission, logo and/or hours digital signage pages. Under the StrandVision system, these pages automatically use account information to open a Web page, bookmark a Web page, or call the listed phone number. Subscribers simply enable the appropriate QR code function and the symbol is instantly added to the digital signage.

For photo and text pages, subscribers can select a dropdown menu in the Add/Modify pages section and enter the phone, email or URL address. Existing pages can be easily modified to add QR codes.

“QR codes open a whole new arena for digital signage,” said Strand. “We think that it is a melding of technologies that plays perfectly with the way people are using mobile communications. It is the next step in digital signage interactivity.”