Gemini Metal Image Process Alternative to Etched Products

Gemini MetalImagePlaque

Gemini MetalImagePlaqueA new look and feel for plaque products in now available in the form of Gemini‘s Metal Image line of products. Featuring greater detail than chemical etching, Gemini’s Metal Image is also less expensive than comparable options and offers a faster turn-around time.

The Metal Image process involves firing a thin layer of ceramic onto a stainless steel plate and then laser etching words, pictures, or logos on the plaque or marker. After the un-engraved porcelain is removed what’s left is not only a fantastic-looking image, but also a product that will last a lifetime – the porcelainized stainless steel is impervious to nearly all conditions.

The high level of detail that can be accomplished with Metal Image combined with its superior weatherability outdoors or enhanced durability indoors, makes it perfect for both interior and exterior applications. Plus, as a cost-effective option, Metal Image is an ideal alternative to chemical-etched plaque products.