New Elixir XES 3D’s Monitors at Truck Stops

Fuel-SaverElixir XES 3D, a 3D media company, in association with truck stops across the country, has established a 3D digital-out-of-home advertising network at major traveler’s and truck stops across the country. Proven to create greater retention with the consumer and an increase in purchase, the Elixir XES 3D’s truck stops will provide a memorable source of entertainment to the weary traveler. The advertisements and other informative sponsored content will awaken the consumers’ senses by providing a rich visual experience.

Liberator Fuel Saver will debut a new ad on these 3D monitors. The Liberator Fuel Saver is an aftermarket auto part that uses a patented airflow mixing technology to improve the combustion process in a vehicle’s engine. The Liberator Fuel Saver increases fuel mileage and reduces emissions for heavy-duty diesel trucks. Typically, users have reported a 1-2 mpg gain in city driving and experienced 2-4 mpg gain in highway driving.

Elixir XES 3D’s “no glasses” 3D TV filter technology and proprietary software radiates the light from combined images in different directions. The result is a perception of different images in the viewing space. The left eye and the right eye see two slightly different views causing the brain to perceive the appearance of depth, both inside and in front of the screen. Their 3D TV technology is dynamic, being seamlessly “on” for 3D applications and “off” for full-resolution 2D viewing. This “switchability” effect accommodates all video type executions.