Nimlok Returns to Exhibitor2012

Nimlok-Returns-to-EXHIBITOR2012Nimlok returns to Exhibitor2012 taking place March 5-7 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas with a custom-built exhibit, featuring bold graphics, unique fixtures, and a new theme—imagine.experience.nimlok. Coupled with this new theme, Nimlok will also launch an interactive contest involving a virtual exhibit scavenger hunt and Nimlok’s mascot, Nimmy.

The 20-foot-by-20-foot custom built exhibit showcases a fresh, modern appearance exemplifying Nimlok’s wide range of custom and custom modular exhibit design, products, and manufacturing capabilities. Nimlok’s exhibit showcases custom fabric structures and fixtures, extrusion-based support of sheer fabric graphics, custom wooden slat accent walls, an illuminated “n” covered backwall, and custom reception counters and storage units. Visitors will “step into” six Nimlok designed exhibits through iPad virtual tours. It’s all part of the imagine.experience.nimlok. theme focused on showing clients how the versatility of Nimlok products and design can transform their ideas into smart and sophisticated trade show display solutions.

Visitors are encouraged to continue their experience at and after the show by accessing more virtual exhibit tours online at While there, they can enter a contest to win an Apple iPad by finding “nimmy” in one of the tours.

The contest runs from March 1-31st, 2012, and will be promoted to Exhibitor show attendees, as well as clients not able to attend the show. The six digital tours will become a permanent fixture in the new Nimlok custom design portfolio, which features over 400 exhibit designs. Nimlok’s extensive custom exhibit design portfolio aims to provide the same interactive experience online through sleek design and easy-to-use search options.