SBI Sign Making Innovation Award: Third Place




Our Third Place recipient is:


Lolly Gobble Sweet Shop; Sidney, BC, Canada
Submitted by:
Ryan Grealy
Peninsula Signs
Sidney, British Columbia

The goal with any sign for a business is to draw people to it. The Lolly Gobble Sweet Shop is located on a side street just off the main street. The challenge: How to draw people off the main street and into the Sweet Shop? The answer: By creating fun, imaginative, and colorful 3-D carved signs (the likes of which Sidney has never seen before), along with tasty graphics of candies and text cut to shape and applied to the windows and exterior wall.

Within days of putting up the 3-D HDU lollipop, the owner noticed a large increase in traffic and compliments on her shop and signage—not to mention pictures were showing up on Facebook of children and adults posing with the lollipop sign pretending to bite or lick it. Nothing like free promotion!

Look for additional details about this project in our December 2011 issue.

We’ll be announcing our Second Place recipient on Tuesday, September 27.