Tic Tac Shakes Up Interactive Advertising


TicTacfirstTic Tac® has unveiled a new marketing campaign that has shaken up advertising and mobile experiences. The Shake It Up™ campaign encourages people to explore new and unconventional ways of doing daily activities. The campaign incorporates interactive TV, outdoor, and print advertisements, which all highlight quirky facts on mundane daily activities.

The campaign also includes the introduction of the Tic Tac® Viewr mobile application, a markerless augmented reality app that enhances the traditional advertising experience by allowing consumers to interact directly with ads as well as product packaging. The app offers access to up to 20 microgames and Shake It Up™ tips that encourage consumers to mix up their daily routines.

“In listening to our consumers, we learned that they want to be surprised and entertained. Our response was to create a campaign that inspires them to spontaneously break up their routine,” said Noah Szporn, category manager for Tic Tac® mints of Ferrero U.S.A., Inc. “The 360-degree Shake It Up™ campaign goes beyond traditional advertising, especially through the mobile technology of the Tic Tac® Viewr app, which allows consumers to engage with Tic Tac® mints wherever they are through a medium that they never leave behind.”TicTac1

Once consumers download the Tic Tac® Viewr app, they can simply point their mobile device at an outdoor ad, print ad, or package to bring up the tips and games. The app was designed by Merkley + Partners and developed by Total Immersion

“The Tic Tac® Viewr app was born from the fact that Millennials are a digital generation who can’t and won’t live without their smartphones,” said Diane Hernandez, group account director at Merkley + Partners. “The brand recognizes and celebrates this target’s desire for exploration and discovery as well as their need for visceral excitement by entertaining them with this totally unique and interactive mobile experience.”TicTac2

In addition to the mobile app, the campaign also included the debut of a Times Square billboard with a second mobile application featuring AR capabilities. Consumers interacting with the Tic Tac® Times Square ad found that the application created a personalized billboard with the image seen on their phones. Consumers had the opportunity to share the image on their Facebook page.