Trans-Lux LED Solutions for Public Assembly Venues


TransLux-OmahaStormchasersMaximizing the benefits of digital signage is a primary initiative for today’s venue management in order to better engage audiences with technologies that deliver more than just images. In the forefront of this market trend is the Trans-Lux lineup of industry leading TL Vision LED Large Screen Solutions, Fair-Play scoreboards, and Trans-Lux management and control software, all on display at this year’s International Association of Venue Managers Conference and Trade Show.

At the show, scheduled for July 26-28 at the Phoenix Convention Center, visitors to the Trans-Lux booth will have the opportunity to view a wide selection of Trans-Lux display technology as well as learn about TL Energy savings-based proposals for retrofitting lighting with LED environmentally friendly options. From outdoor LED scoreboards with time and temperature to indoor turnkey high-resolution displays to comprehensive remote control solutions, Trans-Lux serves up a full array of digital signage solutions to meet the demands of large venue applications.

“Venue management looking to enhance their facility signage have an eye on the future as well as on the bottom line and our wide-ranging product offerings can meet or exceed those requirements,” said J. M. Allain, President and CEO of Trans-Lux Corporation. “By combining our proven industry experience with our reliable, cost-effective large screen displays and control systems, customers are assured of a robust and dependable digital signage solution.”

For large venue applications that demand stunning signage, Trans-Lux offers the TL Vision LED Large Screen Systems that deliver bright, high-resolution images with breathtaking clarity. LED pitches range in size from 3mm to 75mm and can be configured in virtually any size and shape for indoor or outdoor use. The company’s groundbreaking 3mm LED display is ideal for high-resolution applications with image quality that rivals HD flat screen displays—but with the ability to be customized to meet the most demanding installations. Trans-Lux also offers a selection of controllers and interfaces to stream live data from virtually any content provider, as well as software solutions that make it easy for customers to customize content on-site.

Breathtaking LED technology from Trans-Lux lights up sports and entertainment, universities, municipalities, and corporate venues across the country and around the globe. With more than 100,000 installations worldwide, Trans-Lux Corporation has earned a reputation for leadership and innovation in LED large screen digital signage solutions. The company’s beginnings date back to 1920, and since that time, Trans-Lux has continued to evolve and deliver product solutions that demonstrate the value of visual communication technology.

The International Association of Venue Managers (formerly International Association of Assembly Managers, IAAM) is the world’s largest professional organization dedicated to the operations of sporting and entertainment facilities. Over 300 exhibitors are expected to participate in this year’s IAVM trade show.

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