Marabu North America Announces New Partnership with Peyer Graphic

As a pivotal industry leader in screen printing ink technology, Marabu North America is pleased to announce that it is now the North American distributor for German based Peyer Graphic's hot stamp foils. Developed specifically for Marabu's glass decorating inks, the foils from Peyer add a beautiful, durable metallic finish to a variety of glass applications.

Marabu North America distributes two foil lines from Peyer Graphic. These are Peyer's GXO developed for Marabu's UV curable screen printing inks, UVGL and UVGO, and Peyer's GLO developed for Marabu's solvent-based screen printing ink, MGL.

"We believe a strong partnership with Peyer Graphic plays a critical role in Marabu North America's effort to bring cutting edge, cost-effective solutions to our glass decorating customers," said Marabu North America General Manager Bob Keller.

Peyer Graphic revolutionized the previously labor-intensive glass decoration process in 2012 by introducing glass foiling for UV ink for the first time. This innovative process not only creates great design options, it is available in all of the metallic shades, matt, and holographic patterns. Glass foiling is scratch proof and resistant to alcohol, spirits, perfumes, creams, water, and humidity. In addition to an excellent edge definition, Peyer's distinctive technique is overprintable and overstampable. In line with Marabu's own high environmental standards, Peyer Graphic's eco-friendly, fast-drying UV printing process offers an excellent price-performance ratio thanks to an efficient production process.

Marabu North America plays a key role in driving screen printing technology forward, by combining an unparalleled level of expertise with superb product development. Screen printing creates exceptional possibilities. To make the most of this technology for decorative and functional applications, Marabu North America recognizes that flexibility and expertise are paramount in order to create tailor-made solutions. Partnering with Peyer Graphic is an outstanding opportunity to better serve Marabu North America's customers.

To learn more about Peyer Graphic and its hot stamping foil lines, please contact our sales team at 1-800-786-6598 or email


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