3 Opportunities to Sell Signs Based on Post-Pandemic Activities

AMC Global, an international custom market research firm specializing in launch strategies and brand tracking, and OpinionRoute, a leader in insights process management, released the 28th wave of its ongoing study on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This study, which polled 300 consumers over the age of 21, focused on pandemic-related trends that respondents would like to see continue, such as new ways of dining, increased outdoor seating and food delivery, and more “shopping local” behaviors.

There are plenty of signage opportunities to take advantage of based on these findings, and we’ve highlighted three.

1. Dining Opportunities

The restaurant/bar industry was one of the hardest hit by the pandemic, and as a result, they were one of the most innovative industries. Some new practices, like QR code-driven virtual menus, increased outdoor seating, and curbside pick-up will continue as consumers continue to demand these services.

According to the AMC Global study, 68% of respondents want to see restaurant delivery of qr code menu post-pandemic trendsfood to your car, or curbside pickup, continue. This means restaurants will need signage to tell customers where to park and a number to call for pick-up, if applicable. This signage could take the form of outdoor banners, pole signs, or even window graphics.

Another trend over the last few months was the rise of QR code-driven virtual menus to prevent the sharing of physical menus. For QR code menus to work, guests must have a way to scan the code, and this is where signage comes in.

Banners, tabletop tents, window graphics, decals applied to tables, etc. can all be printed with the menu’s QR code and displayed throughout the restaurant.

2. Retail Opportunities

While the pandemic pushed a large portion of shopping online, it also led to increased patronage of local shops as consumers sought to support those shop owners in their communities. According to this study, 79% of respondents said they wanted to continue shopping at more local, independent stores.

Reach out to the local shops in your area about new window graphics, posters, or even an outdoor digital display. Educate them on how branding and signage can help their businesses keep up the sales momentum.

Similar to restaurants, curbside pick-up grew in popularity among in-person shoppers at big box stores, local shops, and grocery stores. According to this study, 65% of respondents want to see curbside/parking lot delivery of goods from non-food retailers continue, while 62% say they want curbside pick-up of groceries to continue.

Just like with restaurants, these retail businesses will need signage explaining the curbside pick-up process and where to park. Think designated parking signs, pole signs, window graphics, and even column wraps in parking garages.

3. Opportunities in Healthcare

The healthcare field was not exempt from the changes ushered in by COVID-19. Many hospital sign post-pandemic sign trenddoctor’s appointments are now held virtually. And when a patient does visit a provider’s office, they often have to wait in their car before being admitted in. In fact, 49% of respondents of the AMC Global survey hope that this practice continues.

With this in mind, signage opportunities at doctor’s offices can include window graphics, parking lot signs, and outdoor banners. Signage printed with QR codes also play a role here as many patients are prompted to use QR codes that take them to a health screening or intake form they fill out on their phones.

Bottom line? The world and the way many of us do business may have changed, but the need for signs has not.

Photo (top): Albert Hu on Unsplash