Computerized Cutters’ New Accu-Bend FREEDOM Channel Letter Bender is for Everyone!

Accu-bend Freedom
The Accu-Bend FREEDOM was designed for sign shops of all sizes.

Leading innovator and the first company to bring the automated channel letter bender to the sign industry, Computerized Cutters, Inc., is proud to present the newest addition to its line-up of channel letter bending machines—The Accu-Bend FREEDOM. This table-top model is revolutionary.

Whether you purchase letters from a wholesaler, produce channel letters now and want to add production capacity, or are just entering the channel letter segment, the space-saving Accu-Bend FREEDOM is for you!

“Our new Accu-Bend FREEDOM was designed for sign shops of all sizes. We saw a need in the market for a space-saving solution that is built to last.” said Carl Ondracek, Computerized Cutters’ president. “Don’t let the size fool you; this channel letter bender can do what full-size machines can in a space-saving design.”

Priced at $19,950, any size shop can afford this American-made channel letter bender from Computerized Cutters, Inc. The Accu-Bend FREEDOM includes a laptop computer, Accu-Bend software, a one-year warranty, plus toll-free customer support.

The Family of Computerized Cutter Machines Includes:
  • Accu-Bend Model 26, Ace, and FREEDOM Channel Letter Bending Machines
  • Accu-Cut KR, XP, and the XPS Routers
  • Accu-Clinch Clincher

For more information, call (800) 310-2887 or visit