Mactac Now Offers Shorter Material Rolls for Wide Format Graphic Applications

Wide FormatMactac® Distributor Products now offers print service providers and industry distributors the option to purchase wide format graphic materials in shorter roll sizes.

Compared to traditional roll sizes, which are generally offered in 150-foot lengths, Mactac now also offers material rolls in 75-foot and 50-foot lengths and more.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has tightened budgets for graphics distributors and print service providers, as well as their customers,” says Amanda Smith, product manager at Mactac Distributor Products. “By offering material in shorter roll sizes, Mactac provides the opportunity to buy only the material needed for project-based jobs. This saves costs for our customers and their end-users, while also helping free up warehouse space.”

The shorter rolls are available with a variety of Mactac’s trusted graphic solutions, which meet a wide range of application needs such as advertising and promotion on windows, walls, indoor/outdoor floors, and signage, outdoor sidewalks, vehicles, and more.

Products and associated short roll lengths are as follows:

IMAGin® Print Media

82-foot Rolls

  • M-Dot Floor Matte White PVC Film with Anti-Slip and Dot-Pattern Adhesive (MD128FW54L82)

75-foot Rolls

  • RoughRAP® Highly Conformable Print Media with High-Tack Permanent Opaque Adhesive (RR100W54L75)
  • Bfree® GRUV™ Gloss White Vinyl Print Media with Permanent Slide-able Bubble-free Adhesive (GVC929v2BFDW54L75)
  • Bfree Dry Application Bubble-free Window Film in Clear (JJ5999MBFv2), Frosted (JJ5796MBFv2), and Dusted (JJ5798MBFv2)

50-foot Rolls

  • StreetRAP® Matte White High-tack Print Media with Permanent Adhesive (STR328L50)
  • StreetTRAX® Non-skid, Grit-coated Film with Permanent Adhesive (STX1528v2PW54L50)

25-foot Rolls

  • IMAGin WindowVIEW™ 70/30 Perforation Window Film (WV139W54L25)
REBEL® Multi-Print Media

75-foot Rolls

  • REBEL H Opaque Matte White Film with High-tack Adhesive (RB528HW54L75)
  • REBEL R Opaque Matte White Film with Clear Removable Adhesive (RB528RW54L75)

50-foot Rolls

  • REBEL X-Treme 99-percent Opaque Matte White Print Media with Extremely Permanent Adhesive (RB528XW54L50)
PERMACOLOR® Overlaminates

75-foot Rolls

  • ColorGard® LUV High-performance General-purpose Gloss (LUV8054W54L75), Matte (LUV8254W54L75) and Luster (LUV8354W54L75) Laminates
  • RAYZor® Optically Clear Gloss (LF3640) and Clear Matte (LF3630G) Laminates

Additionally Mactac’s popular media/laminate bundle program, which offers discounted pricing on high-quality full vehicle wrap products (B-free Slide-able GRUV 929 with RAYZor overlaminate), partial vehicle wrap products (B-free GRUV 729 with RAYZor overlaminate), and rough wall wrap products (RoughRAP with RAYZor overlaminate) is available in 75-foot rolls as well.

—Press Release