MACtac Adds to its PERMACOLOR® Line

MACtac OpticallyClear

MACtac OpticallyClearMACtac Graphic Products has expanded its PERMACOLOR® line of films with two new offerings: PERMACOLOR® ColorPrint PP2018 and PERMACOLOR® ColorTrans CT2200.

PERMACOLOR® ColorPrint PP2018

This permanent, general purpose mounting film is an economical solution designed to provide good adhesion of photographic prints and other images to graphic art substrates. It is ideal for graphic and POP applications.

PERMACOLOR ColorPrint PP2018 consists of a thin, clear polyester film coated on both sides with an acrylic, pressure-sensitive adhesive protected by a single white, moisture-stable paper liner. The smooth adhesive construction permits distortion-free mounting to substrates including Fome-Cor®, Gatorfoam®, Cresent® board, Masonite® and Sintra®. The single release liner permits easy lamination and eliminates the need to remove a second liner in applications where that may be difficult or impossible. It also efficiently processes through most roll laminators. The film offers great all-around performance for general mounting applications on a variety of mounting surfaces.

“We’re pleased to offer an economical mounting film for everyday applications,” said Mary Ann Kucera, marketing manager, MACtac Graphic Products. “It fills the need for a well-priced mounting film with solid performance for back mounting.”

PERMACOLOR® ColorTrans CT2200

MACtac has expanded its optically clear mounting films with the addition of PERMACOLOR® ColorTrans CT2200, which features a permanent and removable adhesive.

The 2.0-mil glass clear polyester film is coated with a permanent, clear acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side and a removable clear acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on the other. A clear polyester release liner protects each side and permits complete visual inspection of the product as well as easy liner removal and a distortion-free adhesive surface. In addition, PERMACOLOR ColorTrans CT2200 helps protect mounted images from fading caused by ultra-violet light exposure.

The film is specifically intended for face-mounting and back-mounting transparencies to glass, Plexiglass®, and other clear or transparent substrates for indoor, outdoor, and backlight applications. It is ideal for applications such as temporary mounting of graphics to retail windows and light boxes, or wherever superior clarity and smoothness are required.

“PERMACOLOR ColorTrans CT2200 works as both a removable mounting film and as an optically clear mounting film,” said Mary Ann Kucera, marketing manager, MACtac Graphic Products. “This is a great economical product for our customers to create removable graphics mounted on glass or other transparent substrates.”

PERMACOLOR ColorTrans CT2200 comes in a variety of roll sizes ranging from 41 inches-by-150 feet to 61 inches-by-150 feet.