Install of the Fifty-foot-tall Showgirls

Two fifty-foot showgirls Installed by YESCO for the City of Las Vegas. (All photos courtesy of City of Las Vegas.)

YESCO, the 102-year-old company known for creating, repairing, and maintaining internationally recognizable signs, and the city of Las Vegas announce the installation and official lighting of two brand-new, fifty-foot-tall showgirls on the corner of Main Street and Las Vegas Boulevard.

These new showgirl signs are double the height of the prior showgirl icons installed in 2018, which each stood 25 feet tall. The showgirls light up each evening at dusk.

The retro-style showgirls will create a lasting legacy for the city as they join the previously installed dice sculptures and sidewalk roulette table to welcome visitors to downtown Las Vegas.

The new showgirls are internally illuminated with white LED.

“With an extensive history of fabricating, installing and maintaining Las Vegas’ most internationally recognizable signs, YESCO is thrilled to complete the newest iconic project for the city,” said Jeff Young, executive vice president of YESCO. “These historic signs will welcome visitors to downtown Las Vegas for decades, and we’re proud to have partnered with the city of Las Vegas to bring them to life.”

“Over the decades, YESCO has created some of the most notable signs in Las Vegas, with other recent examples including Downtown’s Gateway Arches and signage at the Circa Resort & Casino,” said city of Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman. “These gorgeous signs will continue to elevate Las Vegas’ image as a world-class travel destination beloved by people around the globe.”

The previously installed twenty-five-foot-tall showgirl signs are currently undergoing refurbishment due to weather damage. They are scheduled to be installed in the Las Vegas Arts District this fall on the corner of Fourth Street and Las Vegas Boulevard, in front of the Las Vegas Deuce double-decker bus stop.

The headdresses are lit with exposed full-color LED pucks designed to scintillate or twinkle.
Fun Facts: Old Showgirls

Each showgirl measured 26-feet-tall-by-8-feet-wide. And while we probably really shouldn’t be telling (regardless of you asking), each showgirl weighed 3,250 pounds.

The showgirls were internally illuminated with white LED modules.

The headdresses were part of the graphic face and not separate.

Fun Facts: New Showgirls

Each of the two new showgirls is 50-feet-tall-by-15-feet wide. And we’ll politely reveal that each new showgirl weighs 6,800 pounds.

The new showgirls are internally illuminated with white LED. The headdresses are lit with exposed full-color LED pucks designed to scintillate or twinkle.

Each headdress is more than five-feet tall and six-feet wide. They were fabricated separately and were the last elements to be installed after the showgirls’ graphic panels were installed.