Herculite Creates Distributor Stocking Network for Bantex Digital Media

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distributors stocking networkWith goals of enhancing the ready availability of Bantex Digital Media and helping distributors accelerate their sales, Herculite, Inc. has created a new authorized distributors stocking network – “Bantex Partners.”

Under the new program, authorized distributors agree to maintain inventories of Bantex products for inkjet printing of vinyl banners and signs and they also include Bantex in their sales and marketing materials. Herculite will feature authorized Bantex distributors on an interactive locator guide to assist sign shops in identifying Bantex resources. Additionally, Herculite is providing authorized distributors with free in-service training on systematic approaches to selling.

“We envision Bantex Partners as a win-win-win program for distributors, sign and banner shops and Herculite,” said Bill Foster, national sales manager for digital products with Herculite. “This new program will help ensure that Bantex products are inventoried throughout the country and that sign shops can find the most convenient resource through our website. The final piece of the program, systematic selling, will empower distributor sales teams to be more successful in meeting their customers’ needs, not just for Bantex, but for their full line of products.”

Foster is spearheading the creation of the Bantex Partners program, drawing upon his experience as the creator of a systematic six-step approach to selling that he implemented successfully within the solar protection market. Distributors who agree to establish certain levels of Bantex products can avail themselves of training that Foster will provide for their sales teams free of charge.

“Research has shown that sales professionals who follow a systematic approach to selling achieve a 90 percent success rate while those who simply ‘wing it’ with each prospect only close in about 40 percent of customer encounters,” Foster said.

Creation of the Bantex Partners network is just one element in a comprehensive program for refreshing the Bantex Digital Media brand, which is a highly engineered product designed specifically for digital inkjet printing of vinyl banners and signs. Other elements of the program include a new Bantex website, collateral printed on Bantex materials and trade advertising.

As part of the program, Herculite has introduced a new positioning for Bantex Digital Media through “Bantex ColorSure Technology™” which encompasses how Bantex materials are designed and manufactured for color and image quality. Key features of Bantex ColorSure Technology include U.S.-sourced raw materials and a proprietary composite technology that incorporates superior chemistry and micro-texturing on the surface for enhanced color and image quality.