The Wrap Experience Provides Strategies for Success in 2022

The popular Wrap Experience™ is back! The December 9 digital event will explore new products and trends designed to help wrap professionals stay ahead of the competition.The Wrap Experience

Continuing the high-energy and jam-packed learning from previous Wrap Experience sessions, this five-hour event will focus on today’s toughest challenges, such as supply chain issues, employee retention and recruitment, and the latest technology to improve productivity and profitability. The popular breakout sessions and sponsor-led education also will be included.

The Wrap Experience™ is produced by the International Sign Association in conjunction with The Wrap Institute and noted installer/trainer Justin Pate.

“Everything about this event has been designed to explore how the industry has changed and provide strategies for growth for the coming year,” said Craig Campbell, ISA’s director of business development. “Attendees will be able to see new products and learn how to capitalize on trends for 2022.”

“As we begin to move into 2022, the wrap industry is poised for massive growth,” Pate said. “Those who participate in The Wrap Experience™ will be ready to start the year a few steps ahead of their competitors.”

Registration will open soon for the event, which is held from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. (EST) on Thursday, December 9.